About PrettyTowns.com

We are very small team of travel enthusiasts, based in beautiful city of Zürich, Switzerland.

Our mission is to promote small towns of the world that do not get enough limelight. We really want you to go to the places that many people can't easily find on the map.

Globalisation is a recent phenomenon that makes our planet smaller every year. But it also blurs the line between cultures, and it is most obvious in big cities. Travel industry follows the globalisation and most crowded places become even more crowded by visitors.

As a contrast to that, we encourage you to go visiting more authentic places. We carefully select towns for our catalog with a goal to present you a reasonable compromise between travelling convenience and new exciting experiences. If you have something to suggest to us, do not hesitate to use feedback form on our Contacts page.

We are committed to have no direct advertisement on our site. We believe this ruins browsing experience. However, we host affiliate link to booking.com and amazon.com, because they provide means to convert the ideas into itineraries for your travels. If you find information of our site useful, you are more than welcome to order books and book hotels through us.